Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jeep Patriot Will Star in Taos Ski Valley Event

The next leg of the prestigious Jeep® King of the Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding World Professional Championships will take place February 10th in Taos, New Mexico. The event features the most elite skiers and snowboarders in the world trying to capture the King of the Mountain title. At stake is a piece of the US$450,000 prize purse, a US$20,000 bonus courtesy of Paul Mitchell and a two year lease to a brand new Jeep Patriot.

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Muhammad Shoaib said...

Wow! Your new truck is perfect for a family get away and amazing adventures! I bet you can drive it on a highway or even in a very rocky road with ease because of its body lift! I always dreamt of owning a truck because I love traveling, and it has every space that I need for my luggage. :D Have a great trip!
Leo Muller