Saturday, February 3, 2007

Edmunds Reviews the Jeep Patriot

The new Jeep Patriot gets a nod from yet another heavyweight publisher. This time it is Edmund's who gives its mark of approval to almost every aspect of the Patriot, with the exception of the CVT transmission.

Like other A-List reviewers, Edmund's seems to have serious issues with the CVT's high revving nature at full throttle, and the fact that it feels disconnected to the rest of the vehicle.

Given the CVT's obvious shortcomings, not offering a conventional automatic transmission for the Jeep Patriot is perhaps Jeep's only significant blunder on what would otherwise be a remarkable execution.

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Maryam said...

bet you can drive it on a highway or even in a very rocky road with ease because of its body lift! I always dreamt of owning a truck because I love traveling, and it has every space that I need for my luggage. :D Have a great trip!
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