Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Nice white Jeep Patriot, with custom wheels and tires, seen in Cardomain.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jeep Patriot Startech

The Jeep Patriot Startech is here, and I like it! Startech has tuned the Turbodiesel European Patriot to increase its HP by by 40 PS (39 hp) / 29.4 kW from standard 140 PS (138 hp) / 103 kW to 180 PS (178 hp) / 132 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows to 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm.

Ride-height lowering of some 30 millimeters with the help of STARTECH sport springs calibrated to the production shocks. The finishing touches are applied by light-alloy wheels with diameters of 19 or 20 inches. The largest version features polished STARTECH Monostar IV 9Jx20 wheels with size 245/40 R 20 tires front and back.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Jeep Patriot vs. Competitors

I've found this site which offers some rough comparisons between the Jeep Patriot and 14 other vehicles in its class, including the Ford Escape, Hyundai Tucson, Chevy Equinox, Honda CrV, Kia Sportage, etc.. The comparisons are not scientific or numbers based by any means, but rather "seat of the pants" comparisons. Nevertheless, they may give you a rough idea of how the Patriot measures up against similar sized vehicles. You can then do a more detailed research yourself once you've narrowed down your options.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

KN Filter for Jeep Patriot

There are still not a lot of aftermarket products for the Jeep Patriot. The K&N air filter is one of the first ones in the market. Backed by a million mile limited warranty, the K&N air filter for the Jeep Patriot is a direct replacement of the stock disposable air filter (fits perfectly in the stock air box), and it not only improves air filtration but is credited with increasing the vehicle's performance by 1 to 4 HP. The part number of the K&N air filter for the Jeep Patriot is 33-2362.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Help JeepPatriot.com Design its Logo

JeepPatriot.com, a forum dedicated to the Jeep Patriot is asking Patriot fans for their help designing the site's logo. If you like the Patriot, have Photoshop skills and want to give it a shot read the contest guidelines. You have until April 7 to submit your design.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

First Jeep Patriot Commercial

"Wolf" is the first commercial for the new Jeep Patriot, the newest member of the Jeep family:

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Jeep Patriot in Geneva International Motor Show

The Jeep Patriot, sitting in stand 6441, Hall 6 in the 77th International Motor Show in Geneva Switzerland.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jeep Patriot Production Catching Up

With February production numbers at 3,033 units the supply of Jeep Patriots is slowly catching up with demand. Only 800 Patriots were in stock in dealer lots by the end of January, versus 16,500 Compasses and 15,900 Dodge Calibers, with which the Patriot shares the same platform. All three cars are manufactured in Chrysler's Belvidere plant, which has been working three shifts in the last few months. [read more]

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Jeep Patriot Inventory Still Low

Chrysler US unit sales for February 2007 were down 8% vs. last year. The Jeep brand was down 5% mainly due to sharp drops in the Jeep Liberty (-41%), Jeep Grand Cherokee (-22%) and the Jeep Commander (-24%). Meanwhile, the Jeep Wrangler continued to post impressive gains (63%) and the Jeep Compass posted its second best month since its introduction in June 2006, selling 4,071 units.

The Jeep Patriot sold just 644 units, mainly due to lack of inventory. Michael Manley, Chrysler Group vice president of sales strategy, said the slower takeoff for the Patriot is more from a lack of supply than lack of demand. “We sold 644 and have just 800 in stock,” Manley said. “It’ll ramp up. Our launch curve is different for each of the vehicles. We just started shipping Patriots at the end of December. It takes 60 to 90 days to get to full speed.” [read more].

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jeep Patriot vs. Jeep Cherokee Size Comparison

Since the Jeep Patriot is already being called the true replacement of the Jeep Cherokee XJ, it is only fitting to compare their sizes and shapes. DMAG, administrator of jeeppatriot.com, has created this picture comparing the Patriot and Cherokee exterior dimensions. The Patriot is "chunkier" and has two more inches of wheelbase, while overall length is similar. Click here to see the Patriot compared to other Jeep models.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Automobile Magazine Reviews the Patriot

In this brief report, Automobile magazine calls the Patriot the true replacement of the Jeep Cherokee.

Diesel Envy: Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD

No, it's not coming to America, but the Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD to be launched in Europe by mid year is making its premier at the 2007 International Motor Show in Geneva, on March 8. The diesel four banger tops 140 HP and 229 lb ft of torque, and gives you 46.3 impressive combined city/highway miles per gallon!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Trail Rated Patriot Goes Off Road

The Trail Rated Patriot Goes Off Road (official video by DaimlerChrysler).

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Patriots Flying Off Dealer Lots

DaimlerChrysler folks can't make a forecast right. While an overproduction of Jeep Commanders has led to huge incentives to try to move them, the Jeep Patriots are flying off the lots. Hint: make less Commanders, make more Patriots....

Sales are so brisk and inventories so low that Tom Dulaney, General Sales Manager of Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall in Rockport, IL, will not even take a Patriot to the Rockport Auto Show, just started yesterday. “We can’t keep them in the showroom,” Dulaney said of the Patriot, which just went into production in December. “They sell the same day we get them.”

The Patriot is showing all the signs of being a winner, from glowing reviews by every significant automotive publication, to strong initial demand by the buying public. As I may have mentioned before, I am considering buying a Patriot to replace my faithful but aging Jeep Cherokee, but I guess I'll wait until the feeding frenzy is over and supply catches up with demand.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Advanced Technologies Give the Jeep Patriot and Edge

The Jeep Patriot's advanced underbody design, with high strength steel that reduces weight while improving impact performance, and sealants and sound absorbent materials that minimize interior noise, are just a few of the technical advances that make the Patriot tough on the trail and pleasant for street use. Read more.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Jeep Patriot 2.4L World Engine

The Jeep Patriot comes standard with the 2.4L 4-cylinder world engine. This powerplant was developed by GEMA (Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance), a joint venture between DaimlerChrysler, Hyundai Motor Company and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The ambitious objective of the alliance was to develop engines that could meet both aggressive performance and fuel efficiency targets. These goals were met through sophisticated cylinder head port and intake manifold design.

These technologies include dual Variable Valve Timing (VVT) and intake manifold design with flow control valves — technologies currently found only on more expensive performance and luxury engines in the American market. The horsepower and torque targets for the 2.4L world engine are among the best for four-cylinder engines – 170 horsepower and 165 lb-ft of torque.

Because fuel economy is a key factor in the four-cylinder market, the world engines are targeted to raise efficiency 5 percent over the engines they replace. These technologies also enable the engine to meet the ultra-clean ULEV II emissions standards.

GEMA set a high standard for sound quality and minimal noise, vibration and harshness (NVH). To meet these targets, engineers addressed NVH through several unique measures, including an isolated valve cover and a damped oil pan to reduce sound at the top and bottom of the engine.

GEMA has also produced a 1.8L and a 2.0L world engines. The 2.0L is offered as an option with the 2007 Jeep Patriot.

Friday, February 9, 2007

The Patriot Factor

Jeep has come up with an interesting marketing angle to promote the recently launched Patriot. They have teamed up with Marvel Comics to create a 28-page comic book in which the four action heroes portrayed will drive a Jeep Patriot. Furthermore, they are letting the general public write part of the script (just go to http://www.patriotadventure.com to try your luck).

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Motor Trend's First Impressions of the 2007 Jeep Patriot

Now it's Motor Trend's turn to review the Patriot. They liked the styling, off-road handling and affordability. They would have liked a manual transmission with the trail rated version and a stronger powerplant. They were not thrilled with the high-revving nature of the CVT either. Overall impression: while not a Wrangler, the Patriot leaves competitors like the Honda Cr-V, Toyota RAV4, Hyundai Tucson and Ford Escape in the dust.

Detroit News Pleased with the Patriot

Detroit News says everybody will be pleased with the Patriot, except perhaps hard core Jeep purists. Scott Burgess submits the Patriot to all sorts of tests, on road and off-road and comes out pleased with what he calls "Everyman's Jeep", although he would have liked to see a manual transmission option with the Patriot's two off-road packages.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Yes, the Patriot is a Real Jeep

You have to read this review. Scott Brady, owner of Expeditions West, avid off-road adventurer and an expert tester and reviewer of all sorts of off-road products, has just submitted the Trail Rated Jeep Patriot to the most diverse and challenging off-road conditions and ends up saying that the Patriot has won his respect... If Expedition West says that, we can confidently say: the Jeep Patriot is, after all, a real Jeep.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Cars.com Reviews the 2007 Jeep Patriot

Joe Wiesenfelder from cars.com has just issued one of the most thorough reviews of the 2007 Jeep Patriot so far. He tests all trim levels and dwells extensively on each component, giving the Patriot his enthusiastic seal of approval. Cars.com also presents plenty of pictures to complement this excellent report.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Edmunds Reviews the Jeep Patriot

The new Jeep Patriot gets a nod from yet another heavyweight publisher. This time it is Edmund's who gives its mark of approval to almost every aspect of the Patriot, with the exception of the CVT transmission.

Like other A-List reviewers, Edmund's seems to have serious issues with the CVT's high revving nature at full throttle, and the fact that it feels disconnected to the rest of the vehicle.

Given the CVT's obvious shortcomings, not offering a conventional automatic transmission for the Jeep Patriot is perhaps Jeep's only significant blunder on what would otherwise be a remarkable execution.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jeep Patriot Will Star in Taos Ski Valley Event

The next leg of the prestigious Jeep® King of the Mountain Skiing and Snowboarding World Professional Championships will take place February 10th in Taos, New Mexico. The event features the most elite skiers and snowboarders in the world trying to capture the King of the Mountain title. At stake is a piece of the US$450,000 prize purse, a US$20,000 bonus courtesy of Paul Mitchell and a two year lease to a brand new Jeep Patriot.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

2007 Jeep Patriot: Car & Driver's First Impressions

“At least it looks like a Jeep” and “not that bad” are two of Car and Driver’s first impressions of the Jeep Patriot. With the bar set so low by the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass, it’s not surprising that the Patriot, with it square, more Jeep-esque lines, is found to be a cut above…

Car and Driver gives the Patriot high marks in off-road handling, praising its Freedom Drive II system and its “respectable” ground clearance. C&D also gives the Patriot’s exterior high marks for following the correct Jeep styling. The Patriot’s interior, though, gets labeled as “cheap”.

Overall, C&D doesn’t give the Patriot a standing ovation, but gives it a passing grade, and, in the process, gives Jeep some badly needed credit for taking a car platform and turning it into a vehicle that looks good while doing all the things a Jeep is expected to do, for a remarkably low price.

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2007 Jeep Patriot Full Spec Sheet

There is still not a lot of information out there about the Patriot. In the meantime I've digged out this full 2007 Jeep Patriot Specification Sheet directly from DaimlerChrysler's media site, with the most complete available technical information on the Patriot. (Note: there seems to be no Autostick(r) option with that CVT2...bummer).

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jeep Patriot Wallpapers

Just found this site with some nice shots of the Jeep Patriot that you can set up as desktop wallpaper in different resolutions... There are also a couple of shots of the cool Jeep Patriot Sema Concept.

The Car Connection Reviews the Patriot

The Car Connection has issued an extensive review of the recently launched Jeep Patriot. The interior space and seats, the off-road handling and the Hill Descent Control all get positive marks. The main complains are the low grade materials of some of the dashboard components and the high-revving nature of the CVT transmission under heavy loads. Overall, the Patriot scores well and according to the reviewer raises the bar for other vehicles in that segment.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jeep Patriot Ready for Canadian Launch

The Jeep Patriot is ready to be launched in Canada by mid-February. Its recent designation as Canada's most affordable 4x4 would seem to ensure a strong sell-in.

Jeep Patriot Pricing Announced

DaimlerChrysler announced pricing for the new Jeep Patriot December 13, 2006. The base, front wheel drive model (called Sport) starts at $14,985, including destination (A/C is optional, though). The same model, available with Freedom Drive I off-road system will cost $16,735, and with the Freedom Drive II (which makes the Patriot Trail Rated) pushes the bill to $19,175. The more refined Limited will be priced at $19,985 for the 4x2 version; the Freedom Drive I equipped Limited will cost $21,735 while opting for the Freedom Drive II system will top the scale at $23, 530.

Read all the details on the Jeep Patriot's specs, features and pricing at Jeep's official press release.

Jeep Patriot at SEMA 06

Originally uploaded by jeepinjason.
It is amazing what a 2 1/2" lift, mud terrain tires and a custom bumper can do to the relatively tame stock appearance of the Patriot. Now THIS is the way the Patriot should look straight out of the dealer lot!

Jeep Patriot Finally Goes Into Production

The Jeep Patriot finally went into production in December 2006 in Chrysler's Belvidere (Ill.) assembly plant, just in time to have a few vehicles in dealerships before the end of the year.