Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Patriots Flying Off Dealer Lots

DaimlerChrysler folks can't make a forecast right. While an overproduction of Jeep Commanders has led to huge incentives to try to move them, the Jeep Patriots are flying off the lots. Hint: make less Commanders, make more Patriots....

Sales are so brisk and inventories so low that Tom Dulaney, General Sales Manager of Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall in Rockport, IL, will not even take a Patriot to the Rockport Auto Show, just started yesterday. “We can’t keep them in the showroom,” Dulaney said of the Patriot, which just went into production in December. “They sell the same day we get them.”

The Patriot is showing all the signs of being a winner, from glowing reviews by every significant automotive publication, to strong initial demand by the buying public. As I may have mentioned before, I am considering buying a Patriot to replace my faithful but aging Jeep Cherokee, but I guess I'll wait until the feeding frenzy is over and supply catches up with demand.

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