Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jeep Patriot Startech

The Jeep Patriot Startech is here, and I like it! Startech has tuned the Turbodiesel European Patriot to increase its HP by by 40 PS (39 hp) / 29.4 kW from standard 140 PS (138 hp) / 103 kW to 180 PS (178 hp) / 132 kW. Simultaneously peak torque grows to 360 Nm (266 lb-ft) between 1,750 and 2,500 rpm.

Ride-height lowering of some 30 millimeters with the help of STARTECH sport springs calibrated to the production shocks. The finishing touches are applied by light-alloy wheels with diameters of 19 or 20 inches. The largest version features polished STARTECH Monostar IV 9Jx20 wheels with size 245/40 R 20 tires front and back.

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supermaine said...

Had a front view..seen it from the back.. i'd like to have a top view and also to see it's inside. Statech's exterior is very impressive.. can't wait to be impressed more after a closer look

voyez-vous said...

Good evening,
The Patriot is coming in France this month.
Only in 2.0 diesel Volswagen and mechanical transmission.
Afeter two Cherokees, I'm waiting for it.
Very nice blog.
Continue !

voyez-vous said...
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stasik said...

Hi there!
Just bought a Jeep Patriot Ltd here in Great London, black, 2.0 CRD and kin to see what others done to their Patriots to upgrate them. Keep sending picks and comments! Very intresting

Curt said...

Does lowering a Jeep seem lame to anyone else?

joelmaddy said...

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Loord Mark Ebalde said...

The look on the car is just explosive. It is pretty impressive seeing as it is an off road vehicle too.

Bonney Bwire said...

I like the specifications. They seriously make for a great ride. I have this feeling that
bestop jeep is one of the few cars that comes close...nice read

Layne Adams said...

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Maryam said...

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sevnviewchrysler said...

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