Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jeep Patriot vs. Jeep Cherokee Size Comparison

Since the Jeep Patriot is already being called the true replacement of the Jeep Cherokee XJ, it is only fitting to compare their sizes and shapes. DMAG, administrator of, has created this picture comparing the Patriot and Cherokee exterior dimensions. The Patriot is "chunkier" and has two more inches of wheelbase, while overall length is similar. Click here to see the Patriot compared to other Jeep models.


hubbes said...

I like the Patriot, but as a Cherokee owner, I just love it. I still want my Cherokee. I do take care of it and regularly maintain each of the Jeep Cherokee parts. My jeep is as good as brand new. I do love to drive it.

Charity said...

I will go for the Jeep Patriot, I like the wheelbase it provides for the tires. Anyway the two vehicles are almost similar. with some new Jeep Suspension Lift Kits, I can make my Jeep Patriot look awesome.

Layne Adams said...

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Maryam said...

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