Saturday, March 24, 2007

KN Filter for Jeep Patriot

There are still not a lot of aftermarket products for the Jeep Patriot. The K&N air filter is one of the first ones in the market. Backed by a million mile limited warranty, the K&N air filter for the Jeep Patriot is a direct replacement of the stock disposable air filter (fits perfectly in the stock air box), and it not only improves air filtration but is credited with increasing the vehicle's performance by 1 to 4 HP. The part number of the K&N air filter for the Jeep Patriot is 33-2362.


marlborocountry said...

But as far as I know that Jeep Air Filter disposables may cause engine performances low.

Charity said...

The air filter is nice. But great to have some nice Jeep Doors which are half open and you never have to worry about air.

Maryam said...

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